Crystals have been used in healing and magic for hundreds of years.

On my journey through life, I have always been more in touch with the metaphysical aspects of things. I was raised in a religious setting early on, but ultimately found that I did not enjoy the particular education I was given. As I grew older I became interested in many different religions and spiritual paths. Crystals are a wonderful tool when divining spirituality and seeking higher knowledge.

The first uncut crystal I ever bought for myself was a long, thin piece of selenite.



White Selenite, a form of Gypsum, is composed of calcium sulfate dihydrate. The name comes from the vibrancy of the stone itself leading to the interpretation that it “waxes and wanes with the moon”. While selenite is mostly transparent, it can also be found in forms of brown and yellow with hourglass shapes. It is often found in clay sedimentary, or limestone deposits and is classified as an igneous or sedimentary rock.

Selenite is one of the most common cleansing crystals, and in bigger forms can actually be used to cleanse other crystals. Whereas most crystals will over time begin to hold negative energy, selenite actively channels it away. This is also why it works well for Reiki and Chakra cleansing. This crystal is attuned for opening and empowering the Third-Eye and Crown Chakras. I carry my crystal with me every day, in a pouch close to my heart. It is a tranquil stone, and brings with it a sense of peace and connection to the Higher Self. I also use it frequently in my evocations of the archangel Michael due to the crystal’s angelic and light appearance. Selenite is water soluble, and can be used in simple protection spells when crushed and ground using a mortar and pestle.

Really, though, let your intuition guide you. As with any crystal or object that is kept for use with magical work – eventually you will notice a change in the energy it carries. Cleansing selenite can be done in different ways, but it is best to cleanse it by the light of the moon. Simply sitting it in a safe, dry area outside at night under the light of the moon will suffice! I prefer to cleanse my everyday jewelry and the few crystals I own during the light of a full moon. I have also read that one can cleanse crystals by the use of sunlight, running water, or even a light saltwater bath. Salt can be harsh on crystals, and water can dissolve some crystals, so be careful what you use for cleansing! If you live in an apartment or other home where you cannot take your crystals safely outside, try creating a small space in or near a window where the moonlight or sunlight can shine in.

An ye do as ye will, ye harm none.”



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