Smoky Quartz

One of the most grounding stones, smoky quartz absorbs negative energy and aids mental focus.

20161230_094402I mentioned in a previous post that I carry a selenite crystal with me every day, but I carry a few other stones as well. Smoky quartz is indeed one of them!

This stone is chemically composed of silicon dioxide and is associated with the astrological signs Capricorn and Sagittarius. The stone can be found in: Brazil, Australia, Madagascar, Switzerland, and the United States. However, it is the national gem of Scotland and is referred to there as cairngorm as it is found in the Cairngorm Mountains.

Smoky quartz has many of the metaphysical properties of clear quartz, but tends to react slower in meditation practices. It is a great natural cleanser/protector, and vibrates with the root chakra. This stone is one of balance and harmony. It works to slowly absorb negative energies and cleanse the mind. Because of this, it can be hung or placed near the bed to aid in banishment of nightmares and night terrors. In magical practices smoky quartz can be used to banish negativity and draw financial success, and is associated with the goddess Hecate, and the angel Torquaret.

On a deeper level, this stone is great for those with depression or obsessive tendencies. Everyone struggles with some form of general moodiness or sad days. Depression is a much more serious condition, and should not be taken lightly. I have struggled with depression and suicidal tendencies for a great majority of my life thus far. Instead of medicating, I have chosen the path of natural healing. I have also been a cigarette smoker for almost two years. While that length of time doesn’t seem like much, I’ve found it nearly impossible to quit. Carrying my smoky quartz in a pouch near my heart has helped me slowly push away the habit of smoking. Taking the time to stop and center myself anytime the need for a cigarette arises has greatly helped. Obviously, though, I’m not using the stone alone to combat this bad habit!

As this stone is one that frequently and avidly absorbs negative energy, it should be cleansed often. Unlike some stones, smoky quartz does not dissolve in water but should not be left to sit in water either. A simple rinse with salt water, and cleansing with the smoke of a sage bundle is sufficient. Afterwards, recharge your crystal in the sunlight – but not too long! As with anything let your intuition guide you. If you feel the stone is not vibrating at the right frequency and needs cleansing, act.

An ye harm none, ye do as ye will.




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