.:Threefold Goddess:.


I am standing at a crossroads,

my hands lifted to you in praise.

It was you who brought me everything,

when my mind was under a haze.

Stress carries itself, upon heavy shoulders,

eyes downcast and eyelids droopy, tired and dismayed,

You found me when I felt at my worst,

and guided me along my way…

At the crossroad, I bury a gift,

a treasured item held only for a day,

A symbol here, I leave to you, before i turn to walk away.

A sound drifts to me,

a distant howl,

And at last, my journey is complete at home,

Your hand I know I feel,

still guiding me each day, it seems,

and your blessingsĀ are surreal.

As though walking in a dream,

it is my faith that brought me here.

Each day I know,

when I come home,

I cross the threshold in gratitude,

and count your blessings anew.

~ 0 ~

Blessed Be, Dear Reader;

Again, a poem written from purely personal experience. When a God or Goddess touches your life, and you feel their blessings in multiple ways, it is hard to deny holding faith in them. While I do not openly express my faith to everyone I meet, I recently began venerating Hecate, and can with surety say that she does not leave you once you reach out to her. Each offering I leave gives me goosebumps, and each day offers new opportunities and blessings. I have reached out to other Gods and Goddesses before, but have never felt their presence with quite the depth I feel Hers to be. It is a wonderful gift, and one I meet with gratitude and happiness each day.

Live life to the fullest, and find something to be thankful for each day šŸ™‚



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