.:The Armor of Belief:.


The waves crash along a distant shore

and your voice echoes to me

proclaiming things I will never be.

Exclamations of distress follow

as I turn and walk away,

something you had not expected

even on that day.

Believe me when I tell you

your voice still dregs my mind

but in those stolen moments

I no longer leave my peace behind.

Taking each step forth,

a new day dawns.

Soon, I’ll be that much closer

to the Me I knew all along.

Your reputation preceded you,

I’d thought you much more pure,

but it is my Fate that kept me bound,

as the magma to the core.

Rising to the surface,

I know of magic once more.

So beside me, I keep my peace,

and am grateful for each morn’,

and as the days pass,

I know at last,

I shall no more feel scorned.

– Savannah


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