.:Life in Transit:.

Surrounded  by light,

I climb the tower.

With each step,

my limbs grow heavy,

my mind betrays the loneliness

of the weighted days.

Sickness leaves me tired,

hungry, and constrained.

But still I am determined,

until at last, I hear your name.

What was it that we’d agreed upon?

When your hand was still in mine?

Empty promises.” Your words float back to me.

But each day I climb,

blinded by the means.

When I reach the final step,

Your voice I no longer recall.

The past is but a memory,

and I have lived them all.

With each breath I love you still,

and I’m sure, forever will.

The anger in your gaze,

I keep at bay,

behind a mortared wall.

But each day it seems to crumble,

threatening to fall.

Though I do not acknowledge,

the steady creeping images,

they seem to find me

just as sleep releases,

and I know one day

you’ll reappear just to say;

I have lived them all.




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