.:What Dreams We Seek:.


Polished in solace,

I find I’ve got mountains to climb.

The moonlight before me,

brings clarity,

to the harmony and cacophony of nocturnal creatures.

Eyes stare at me from within the brush,

yellowed and glowing,

But I find no fear.

Distant howls follow my trek in the semi-darkness.

I know I am surrounded,

But I find no fear.

Tiny creatures dart in the grass and leaves below my feet,

I feel them, almost as another heartbeat.

The trees whisper a melodious tune in the breeze,

branches reaching out to one another,

fingers made of wood and the life of Mother Earth.

An owl swoops from above,

catching his prey mid-flight.

A tiny squeak follows his movements,

and one less heart beats in the night.

But I find no fear.

The wolves nearby call to their brothers

the chant of night,

I hear them closing in.

A twig snaps beneath my feet,

and a sharp growl follows –

But before me now is only open sky,

and the moon bathing her children in her glow.

Only the stars know my true path,

I have nowhere left to go

yet still I find no fear.

Not all those who wander are lost.”

– Savannah



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