“…I’m just another story, not worth a reading.”

Touching the glass ceiling,

I remember the sound of your breathing

in the moment you were sleeping next to me.

When did I lose that clarity?

When did absence mean hostility?

Am I still capable of charity?


I touch the wounds,

watching them heal.

I know at last that each moment spent with you

is that much more real,

when you turn to me,

just to say:

I’m proud of you.”

But you don’t know,

that under my breath I reply:

So am I.


*Dear Reader,

Kintsukuroi (or Kintsugi), is the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery with lacquer dusted or mixed with powdered gold, silver, or platinum. I felt the word befitting for the title of a poem referring to healing from self-harm.

Know that you are not alone… Ever. If the only thing you do today is hold yourself together, know that I am proud of you. You did it! You may not know it…But you have the strength to keep on fighting, to keep on going. You are loved, and cared for, and wanted, and needed in this world. So keep going. Keep doing, keep being, and stay beautiful. Have a blessed day! And pass on the love to those closest to you. They may need it and you don’t even know it yet.*


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