.:Swept Away:.

The sand slips between my fingers,

like time in a weighted hourglass.

I see the past in slow motion;

Children running,


and laughing.

How many were here before me?

The question hangs in open air,

I see the words as incandescent writing circling ’round my head.

A couple walks the beach slowly,

and I see what could be –

The good and bad.

I slow the visions of my life as air fills my lungs at last.

A friend kneels above me, calling my name.

His voice I no longer recognize.

I hear it, as though through water.

His face is a blank mask.

I see no eyes, no mouth, no nose.

Who are you?

The words float above me.

If I am but a memory,


Don’t forget to remember me.


– Savannah


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