. : Cure : .

I sway to the drumbeat,

to which you dare not move your feet.

To the rhythm of an old life,

carried on the back of strife.

Know this, and all is well;

“Cleanse the soul, and space, and home,

and wrap your arms around yourself, with love,

to know that one day soon it shall come to pass,

your heart will grow, three times as fast.

To give love to those we seek,

we must first be the love we need.”


Sing your chants of love, and repeat,

for we are one with all we seek.

Be that mountain, that stream, that glory.

Fill your heart and soul with joy.

Be free, dear Bird,

be free in flight,

and know that all things shall come to rights, in Heaven’s eyes.


Blessed be.

– Savannah



Incense smoke drifts through open air,

the scent of honey fills my senses,

mixing with the apple on my altar,

to create a wondrous sense of peace.

Clarity means having an open mind,

and bottomless heart.

Show me the lessons,

as I seek them in your company.

The hum of energy from the crystals,

meshes with the sound of a tiny, tinkling bell.

The chalice touches my lips,

and a warmth spreads through my veins.

I raise the glass in acknowledgement,

and another wave of peace fills me,

crashing like the tide to shore.

An hourglass marks my time,

the sand slowing as I close my eyes.

Your presence marks the beginning of my meditative state.

And once again, I feel whole.

– Savannah

Happy International Witches Day *

Whether you identify as a Witch or not (as I do not), it is a good day to delve into the magic of Earth and revel in her energy. Find peace and clarity with nature, and self. Read into the history of witches, or simply enjoy the day. There is much to understand, still, and much to come. 

Have a blessed day!

.:Threefold Goddess:.


I am standing at a crossroads,

my hands lifted to you in praise.

It was you who brought me everything,

when my mind was under a haze.

Stress carries itself, upon heavy shoulders,

eyes downcast and eyelids droopy, tired and dismayed,

You found me when I felt at my worst,

and guided me along my way…

At the crossroad, I bury a gift,

a treasured item held only for a day,

A symbol here, I leave to you, before i turn to walk away.

A sound drifts to me,

a distant howl,

And at last, my journey is complete at home,

Your hand I know I feel,

still guiding me each day, it seems,

and your blessings are surreal.

As though walking in a dream,

it is my faith that brought me here.

Each day I know,

when I come home,

I cross the threshold in gratitude,

and count your blessings anew.

~ 0 ~

Blessed Be, Dear Reader;

Again, a poem written from purely personal experience. When a God or Goddess touches your life, and you feel their blessings in multiple ways, it is hard to deny holding faith in them. While I do not openly express my faith to everyone I meet, I recently began venerating Hecate, and can with surety say that she does not leave you once you reach out to her. Each offering I leave gives me goosebumps, and each day offers new opportunities and blessings. I have reached out to other Gods and Goddesses before, but have never felt their presence with quite the depth I feel Hers to be. It is a wonderful gift, and one I meet with gratitude and happiness each day.

Live life to the fullest, and find something to be thankful for each day 🙂


Smoky Quartz

One of the most grounding stones, smoky quartz absorbs negative energy and aids mental focus.

20161230_094402I mentioned in a previous post that I carry a selenite crystal with me every day, but I carry a few other stones as well. Smoky quartz is indeed one of them!

This stone is chemically composed of silicon dioxide and is associated with the astrological signs Capricorn and Sagittarius. The stone can be found in: Brazil, Australia, Madagascar, Switzerland, and the United States. However, it is the national gem of Scotland and is referred to there as cairngorm as it is found in the Cairngorm Mountains.

Smoky quartz has many of the metaphysical properties of clear quartz, but tends to react slower in meditation practices. It is a great natural cleanser/protector, and vibrates with the root chakra. This stone is one of balance and harmony. It works to slowly absorb negative energies and cleanse the mind. Because of this, it can be hung or placed near the bed to aid in banishment of nightmares and night terrors. In magical practices smoky quartz can be used to banish negativity and draw financial success, and is associated with the goddess Hecate, and the angel Torquaret.

On a deeper level, this stone is great for those with depression or obsessive tendencies. Everyone struggles with some form of general moodiness or sad days. Depression is a much more serious condition, and should not be taken lightly. I have struggled with depression and suicidal tendencies for a great majority of my life thus far. Instead of medicating, I have chosen the path of natural healing. I have also been a cigarette smoker for almost two years. While that length of time doesn’t seem like much, I’ve found it nearly impossible to quit. Carrying my smoky quartz in a pouch near my heart has helped me slowly push away the habit of smoking. Taking the time to stop and center myself anytime the need for a cigarette arises has greatly helped. Obviously, though, I’m not using the stone alone to combat this bad habit!

As this stone is one that frequently and avidly absorbs negative energy, it should be cleansed often. Unlike some stones, smoky quartz does not dissolve in water but should not be left to sit in water either. A simple rinse with salt water, and cleansing with the smoke of a sage bundle is sufficient. Afterwards, recharge your crystal in the sunlight – but not too long! As with anything let your intuition guide you. If you feel the stone is not vibrating at the right frequency and needs cleansing, act.

An ye harm none, ye do as ye will.





Why is it that most tend to quickly proclaim what religion they hold to?


It is a strange concept, when added to the notion of religion. What makes you visibly religious? What makes anyone visibly religious? There is an old meme that circled around for a while that tickled my fancy – “My Dear, religion is like a penis. It’s a perfectly fine thing for one to have and take pride in, but when one takes it out and waves it in my face we have a problem.” I always found it funny, and easy to relate to.

I was raised mostly in a Southern Baptist setting. If you don’t know what that is… Imagine a five-foot-five, balding and portly gentleman screaming about hell-fire and brimstone and throwing his hands in the air as he turns red in the face.

Pictured it yet?

That’s about as close to Southern Baptist as I can describe.

In any case – When someone tells me what their religious preferences are, I generally just smile and nod. It’s a courtesy gesture. A basic, human thing. I don’t, however, tend to offer back what believe.



I don’t quite identify with any true concept of religion. It is precisely that reason that I hold my tongue. My beliefs are many, and many between. At one point, I was convinced that I believed in just the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. At another point in my life, I believed in Pastafarianism. (I’m only joking here!) And even still, at another point, I leaned towards Krishnaism (or Krisnaism). Krishnaism was honestly a high point, in my life. When I began venerating and actively pursuing the studies of Krishna and his teachings, I became more and more calm and at peace with my life. After a while, I stopped actively seeking his teachings, and leaned more towards a purely open mind. The Universe is wide and wild, and within this cosmos is an untold amount of religion and spiritual history. Why limit oneself to studying and knowing of only one thing? Why not learn and seek to understand all religions and spiritual teachings? Naturally, it would take a lifetime and then some to know everything – but to learn and grow…that should be the goal of anyone’s life!

In short, I find it fascinating to learn and understand what others believe in. But I don’t actively ask. Nor will I tell anyone my beliefs openly, save for a select few – and here. I have learned, in my short walk of life thus far, that people are too quick to judge. Religion and spirituality are very weighty topics, overall. While the world is slowly coming to be more open minded, there are still those that wish to simply keep their beliefs behind their eyes and let it be. On the other hand, there are people that will actively flash their religious cards and point to the neon sign above their head that labels them as swaying  to whatever religion it is they hold to. What tends to bother me – and I’m sure I’m not alone in this – is when someone shoves their religion in my face. “I believe this, so you have to!”

No… I don’t. Nor does anyone else, unless they choose to.

It’s that sort of closed-mindedness that irks me to no end.

When someone doesn’t actively waive their flag of spirituality or religious preferences, then I’m more apt to be just as open minded towards them as they are to me. No matter the person, it’s always good to be respectful of their opinions and thoughts. Even if you don’t agree!

An ye harm none, ye do as ye will.”

– Savannah







Crystals have been used in healing and magic for hundreds of years.

On my journey through life, I have always been more in touch with the metaphysical aspects of things. I was raised in a religious setting early on, but ultimately found that I did not enjoy the particular education I was given. As I grew older I became interested in many different religions and spiritual paths. Crystals are a wonderful tool when divining spirituality and seeking higher knowledge.

The first uncut crystal I ever bought for myself was a long, thin piece of selenite.



White Selenite, a form of Gypsum, is composed of calcium sulfate dihydrate. The name comes from the vibrancy of the stone itself leading to the interpretation that it “waxes and wanes with the moon”. While selenite is mostly transparent, it can also be found in forms of brown and yellow with hourglass shapes. It is often found in clay sedimentary, or limestone deposits and is classified as an igneous or sedimentary rock.

Selenite is one of the most common cleansing crystals, and in bigger forms can actually be used to cleanse other crystals. Whereas most crystals will over time begin to hold negative energy, selenite actively channels it away. This is also why it works well for Reiki and Chakra cleansing. This crystal is attuned for opening and empowering the Third-Eye and Crown Chakras. I carry my crystal with me every day, in a pouch close to my heart. It is a tranquil stone, and brings with it a sense of peace and connection to the Higher Self. I also use it frequently in my evocations of the archangel Michael due to the crystal’s angelic and light appearance. Selenite is water soluble, and can be used in simple protection spells when crushed and ground using a mortar and pestle.

Really, though, let your intuition guide you. As with any crystal or object that is kept for use with magical work – eventually you will notice a change in the energy it carries. Cleansing selenite can be done in different ways, but it is best to cleanse it by the light of the moon. Simply sitting it in a safe, dry area outside at night under the light of the moon will suffice! I prefer to cleanse my everyday jewelry and the few crystals I own during the light of a full moon. I have also read that one can cleanse crystals by the use of sunlight, running water, or even a light saltwater bath. Salt can be harsh on crystals, and water can dissolve some crystals, so be careful what you use for cleansing! If you live in an apartment or other home where you cannot take your crystals safely outside, try creating a small space in or near a window where the moonlight or sunlight can shine in.

An ye do as ye will, ye harm none.”