.:Aurora Borealis:.


We were made of starlight,

and we danced with the monsters in the middle of the night,

catching fireflies and praying for the afterlife,

“Is there anything after this life, tonight?”

The question bleeds from your eyes…

Just keep me warm,

my heart in your open arms

the rest of me in the morgue

rotting in the ground with the rest of my world…

“Sing me to sleep?”

Is just a joke that we made, 

tongue in cheek

because we know there’s no rest for the rest of our lives

yeah, we’ll get it with time

“Please don’t close your eyes.”

There’s much more left to see

there’s much more to me

at least for tonight…

We were made of starlight,

and we danced with the monsters in the middle of the night,

don’t you dare close your eyes 

even hell is a sight to behold,

and I’ve been told

even we’ll hold the key eventually

but for tonight, by my side,

you’ll dance with the monsters and turn off the lights.

Man or machine

at last you’ll see me in technicolor

and I’ll no longer have to wander the world,

searching for the same light that I saw in your eyes



– Savannah

An aside, Dear Reader:

I hear this as more of a song than a poem, quite a few words and lines are repeated because with repetition comes emphasis. Can you find the story within the story? Many of my longer works are inspired by events in my life…the people, and places. But there are a select few that feel more like an ode to whatever Muse haunts me…and in those moments, I remember that artists of every kind are more in touch with the world around them. We see the world in ultra-technicolor, or grey and dismal. Which inspires you?

Never give up on your dreams. Everyone has someone that believes in them. And  believe in you.






Musical Discussion: Until Eternity

     Whether you consider yourself a fan of pop, rock, metal, or classical music – it’s hard to deny when a song comes to you that passes through the barriers of a genre and sticks with you. Even if it’s a simple, silly song, or something you’ll remember just because of the feeling it captured. Music is powerful and just like other forms of art, it tends to break the chains of soul and raise us higher.

As for myself, I’ve always skipped around a lot. One day I’ll prefer rock, the next day I’ll prefer pop, next week I might prefer metal all week, etcetera and so forth. But I’m actually quite picky about what I chose to listen to within a specific genre. When listening to Chiptune, I prefer most of Anamanaguchi‘s work. When listening to metal, my only preference is female fronted bands. When I have the spare time, I sift through multiple layers of YouTube videos or Spotify songs from different bands and try to find something or someone I’ve never heard of. And frankly, the discovery of Blackbriar‘s song Until Eternity threw me for a loop.

Oh my love, we’ll meet again. We always do in the end. Our two souls destined to be, you and I until eternity.” – Blackbriar

The lead singer has a powerfully feminine voice that comes across as smooth and inviting. Her mid-range vocals draw you in closer to listen aptly to the lyrics, and then you’re blasted with the adrenaline rush from the building guitars and drums and *BAM*. Suddenly you’re looking up the lyrics and singing along at the top of your lungs (as best you can at least.) She has that air of mystery with a very femme fatale way of pronouncing the words. The video is emotionally evocative and gives an even more clear picture of the story painted through the lyrics.

The sheer emotion of the idea they present with the song – a couple destined to spend eternity together – in spite of death and horrible circumstances…finding each other again and again through the ages. It’s brilliantly beautiful, if a little cheesy. The band easily brings in mass appeal with this song because of the romance aspect, but I believe once people begin to discover the hidden gem that Blackbriar is…they won’t want to leave!

On their website, Blackbriar is described as:

 “…a five-piece alternative metal band with a special twist in the form of a mysterious singer, capable of opening the gates of both heaven and hell with her voice! A powerful drummer, bad ass bass player and two technical guitar players form the backbone of Blackbriar.

Honestly, I couldn’t have said it better myself! I’ve yet to take a glance at any of their other works, but this is a band I’m sure I’ll fall in love with more than once!

– Savannah